Cups Plastic

Description Units sku
no image
Fabri Kal Dome Lid No Hole 16/24 1000 214197
no image
Non-vented Lid Dart 610TP 1000 219259
Dome Lids w/ Hole Clear KDL626 for 12-24 oz 1000 219270
Karat Lid for Cold Cups Straw Slot (668TS) 1000 219272
Karat Straw Slot Lid 92mm C-H662TS-A 1000 219274
Karat FLAT LID SLOT C-KC626TS FOR 12-24OZ PET COLD CUPS 1000 219275
Dome Lids for 32 oz PET cup (Dart 20LCDH) 1000 219277
15oz Stemless Wine Glass 80 230827
no image
Fabri-kal 16/18OZ CL PET DRINK CUP KC16S 1000 240405
no image
Fabri Kal Sip Lid 1000 240415
no image
Dart 7 oz Plastic Cold Cup 2000 240572
no image
Solo 9 oz Clear Cups TP9R 1000 240574
no image
12oz Clear Plastic Cups TP12 1000 240575
Solo Dome Lid DL662 with hole for 12 and 20 oz cups 1000 240577
Solo 662TS 12-20 oz Lids Straw Slot 1000 240580
no image
Solo 16 oz Clear Plastic Cups TP16D 1000 240585
Solo 626TS Straw Slot Lid for 16/24 1000 240590
Solo Dome Lid DLR626 with hole for 16 and 24 oz 1000 240593
Sabert 4 oz Parfait Insert 14003D1000 1000 240598
Karat 9 oz PET Clear Cup 1000 240600
Karat 16 oz PET Clear Cup 1000 240601
no image
Karat 10 oz PET Clear Cup 1000 240608
no image
Clear Cups 32 oz PP Dart 32P 500 240614
12oz PolyPro Cup 1000 240615
no image
Eatery Essentials 92mm PET cold cup lids 1000 240622
Karat 12 oz PET Clear Cup 1000 240625
no image
Karat 24 oz Clear PET Cup 600 240628
no image
Solo 20 oz Clear Cuops TN20 1000 240650
no image
Karat 20 oz PET Clear Cup 1000 240652
no image
16oz Soft Sided Blue PolyPro Cup 500 705036
no image
16oz PET Bay Club "Refuel" Cup 1000 705670
no image
22oz Karat Kold Cup C-KCP22U 1000 706347
PLA lid for 9/10 oz GREENWARE Cup LGC9/10 2500 800126
World Centric INGEO Lid 9 oz-24 oz. CPL-CS-12SH 1000 800333
World Centric 10 oz Clear Cup CP-CS-10 1000 800344
World Centric PLA 20 oz Cup 1000 800428
no image
World Centric 9 0z Clear Squat Cold Cup 1000 800624
no image
World Centric 12 oz Clear Cold Cup 1000 800625
no image
World Centric 16 oz Clear Cold Cup 1000 800626
no image
32 oz Clear PLA Cold Cup 600 801077
no image
PLA Lid for 32 oz Cold Cup 600 801078
no image
DINEX Lid w/ Straw Slot 676327-DX11985T8714 1000 822204

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